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FROM BCN Lawyers is a legal firm specialised in attending the legal needs of international clients in Spain and focusing on advice to foreign investors on the real estate sector. We offer integral legal support through acquisition and sale operations of all types of real estate assets, including starting a company in Spain and running it successfully.

Your Spanish legal local partner in real estate business.

Our main values are:

Expertise, commitment, proactivity and flexibility, offering always customised solutions to our clients.

Our team is composed by specialised professionals with more than 20 years of experience: lawyers (specialised in Real Estate, Corporate, Tax, Banking and Immigration Law), international economists and business and banking strategists.


Our law firm offers integral and customised guidance for real estate investors, particularly foreign investors, in the process of selection of property (legal and strategic study of the viability of the investment), managing the completely legal process of the transaction, helping the client in every moment and, if it were necessary, granting a Power of Attorney.

The different phases found in any real estate operation would consist of the following:

  • Negotiation of the best possible purchase terms.
  • Reservation agreement or letter of Intent.
  • Conduct of Legal and technical Due Diligence.
  • Negotiation of the final down payment agreement.
  • Preparing the execution of the purchase deed before a Spanish Notary.
  • Attending the Notary offices to pay the required tax and register the title deed in the Property Register.
  • Updating the Property Register.
  • Negotiation and drawing up real estate and construction agreements.
  • Day-to-day support to obtain profitability after the purchase.


On this area, we are able to provide our clients legal help both in person and in their representation through a Power of Attorney granted to one of our lawyers.

We assist our clients in the process of obtaining the NIE, which is an identification number assigned to every foreigner in Spain needed to acquire a property in the country. In addition, we also support them throughout all the procedure of getting the Spanish Golden Visa or the Investor’s Visa, which is a residency permit that gives the non-European holder the right to stay and work in Spain.


FromBCN covers as well the banking advisory of any foreign investment transaction in Spain. The main requirement to invest in the country is to have a bank account. For such, it is important to choose the best bank with the adequate expertise on international money transfers with the country of origin of the client. Therefore, our specialised team will lead our foreign clients in all the procedure of selecting the bank and opening an account. Afterwards, we will prepare the documentation needed in order to pass the anti-money laundering clearances.

Our experts have a deep know-how on this matter, which is vital to prove the legal origin of our clients’ money and start doing transactions. We can also provide the client with personnel specialised in obtaining real estate financing with the best conditions for acquisition and reforms of properties, for both nationals and foreigners, residents and non-residents, physical persons and companies.


According to the nature of the business our clients are planning to start, we will guide them through the entire legal process of company formation, assisting them through every stage of the company’s life, expansion by acquisition, partnerships and, finally, a sale or any other exit event.

Our main services include:

  • Determining the most suitable form of business in any case.
  • Preparing bylaws and company formation documents.
  • Drafting shareholders agreements.
  • All procedures associated to the Notary.
  • Managing and coordinating the legal documentation needed to apply to the commercial register.
  • Organisation and distribution of profits.
  • International and cross-border. transactions between Spain and other countries.
  • Joint ventures and other strategic partnerships in Spain.
  • Implementing compliance protocols to avoid personal liabilities.
  • Family offices.


Spanish tax rules are complicated, even more considering the international factor of our clients, and that is why it is essential to have a good tax advisor next to you in order to optimize the amount of Spanish taxes to be paid.

Fiscal planning of any real estate operation or project:

  • Obtaining the Spanish Tax number for foreign companies who invest in Spain.
  • Guidance on taxation of earnings for expatriates and impatriates (Beckham Law).
  • Tax advice on acquisitions and corporate restructuring.
  • Local and international tax advising regarding subsidies, government programs for reduced taxes for certain activities, Spanish tax residency and wealth tax.
  • Planning for companies and private clients in order to achieve an efficient and tax-effective operating structure.

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